5 Causes of Foot Odor 

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Mia P.

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Foot odors, often described as smelly, can be caused by various causes. Foot odor can impact almost everyone, and people can feel quite self-conscious and uncomfortable. If you are someone who has foot odor, read on!  

In this article, we will look at the cause of the foot odor and share with you how to manage it so you can feel more confident in public and at home. 

1. Sweat 

The biggest cause of foot odor is due to sweat. Your foot actually has over 20,000 sweat glands! If you are the type of person who sweats a lot, this can be a source of foot odor because excess moisture provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. This brings us to the next point. 

Photo: Envato

2. Ventilation 

Do you often wear ventilated shoes? If you don’t, this can be a big cause of foot odor if you aren’t wearing ventilated shoes. Wearing poorly ventilated shoes such as tight shoes, and socks made of non-breathable material will create a humid and warm environment. This will increase the likelihood of foot odor as it causes the bacteria to multiply. 

3. Microbial growth 

Chemicals release as sweat breaks down the stratum corneum on the feet, which can lead to dirt and bacteria between your toes and toenails. This can result in foot odor.

4. Fungal infection 

Fungal infections such as athlete's foot (white line) can cause foot odors. The fungus that causes these infections produces enzymes that break down the skin's keratin. And bacteria belonging to certain types of Staphylococcus and Corynebacterium thrive on the skin and are also known to produce odorous compounds when they metabolize sweat and skin debris. 

5. Inappropriate hygiene habits 

If you do not wash your feet frequently or if you do not dry them completely, the bacteria on your feet will start to grow, which will result in foot odor. 

Products containing antiseptic effects can help eliminate and manage foot odor. At US Crystal, Inc., we carry products with antiseptic formula along with zinc ricinolate to help deodorize the feet, and it contains propolis extract along with rosemary, eucalyptus, tea tree, and benzalkonium chloride. If you keep these tips in mind, it can help you manage your foot odor more properly.