7 Ways to Care for Your Feet in the Winter

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Mia P.

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During the cold and dry winter months, you might be paying much attention to moisturizing your face and hands, but what about your feet? During the winter, every part of our bodies need diligent care, including our feet.

Here are some ways and tips to provide extra care for your feet during the winter. 

1. Keep your environment well-humidified

As winter approaches, the days become colder and drier. When it gets cold outside, the indoor temperature rises from our heating systems, which can cause the indoor air to become even drier. The optimal indoor humidity in winter is about 60%. If the indoor humidity is not properly maintained, our skin (including our feet) can become dry which causes itchiness. This can lead to eczema. When eczema occurs, the skin surface shrinks, causing extreme itching.  

It is highly recommended to keep your surroundings such as your home or office, well-humidified! 

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2. Wash or bathe your feet

In the winter, you can easily feel fatigued, and taking a foot bath can alleviate that fatigueness. In addition, it is important to wash your feet every day. Washing your feet can help remove dirt, sweat, and bacteria that can cause foot odor, infections, and other problems. Especially during the winter because your feet are enclosed in shoes, and it can easily cause foot odor. After bathing or washing your feet with warm water, it is necessary to dry them thoroughly to prevent the growth of athlete's foot and bacteria.

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3. Exfoliate and moisturize your feet

It is always recommended to remove dead skin cells on your feet after foot baths. When removing dead skin cells, avoid using a razor or knife as there is a risk of bacterial infection. The best is to use a callus remover tool for the most effective results.  

The main cause of dead skin cells on the feet is dryness, so it is essential to moisturize your feet sufficiently after removing dead skin cells. Make sure to keep your feet moisturized as all times, especially during the winter months. 

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4. Wear ventilated socks

You should wear socks made of natural fibers, such as cotton, to keep your feet dry and prevent fungal infections. Cotton socks have great ventilation! 

5. Wear comfortable shoes

You should wear shoes that have enough room to move your toes and cushioning to support your feet. Because the winter months can be really cold, you might wear tight or poorly ventilated shoes, which causes humidity without airing out your feet.  

6. Regularly stretch your feet

In winter, because there is not much movement and it is cold, the body often becomes very stiff. Rather than exercising excessively, it is better to do aerobic exercise regularly to improve blood circulation and strengthen foot muscles.  

Additionally, since the body becomes very stiff during the winter, it is always a great idea to stretch your feet before and after physical activity to prevent cramps and injuries. 

7. Get plenty of rest

If your feet are tired or sore, it is best to get enough rest. It is best to raise your feet higher than your heart and apply a cold compress.

We understand it can be hard to keep your feet in mind during the winter. However, with these tips on how to care for your feet in the winter, you will have better foot health. All of these tips are essential to keeping your body healthy and feet happy.