3 Reasons Your Feet are Important 

No. 04


Mia P.

Photo: Envato

Summer is the most important season to emphasize on foot care due to the hot weather and humidity. This weather is the best kind for bacteria to grow and thrive. In addition, summer is when people enjoy engaging in outdoor activities the most. Because of potential foot injuries through these outdoor activities and bacteria from public pools, it is the season to focus more on foot care. 

1. Your Feet are the Root of The Body 

The feet are known as the Root of the Body as they account for 2% of the entire body but are supporting the remaining 98%. Because of this weight, our feet can become painful or feel discomfort when they aren’t being taken care of properly. When foot pain is neglected, it becomes difficult to walk or perform many other activities. If there is a problem with our feet, it can easily lead to other complications with our knee, hip, or waist joints. In a serious condition, it can cause problems with our hearts and lungs. 

Photo: Envato

2. Your Feet are known as the “Second Heart” 

The feet are known as Second Heart. Our feet are connected to other organs in our body, and as the heart pumps blood throughout the body, it travels the furthest to reach the calf and feet. Once the blood reaches there, the calf, feet, and valves will push the deoxygenated blood back to the heart.  

As pumping of the blood from the heart to the feet is critical, sometimes your feet may feel swollen due to lack of activity. This occurs when the blood is driven downwards excessively but are not being drive back to the heart. 

3. The Skin on Your Feet Protects You from Bacteria

The skin on our feet is rough and has excellent elasticity. It serves to protect the skin from bacteria, viruses, or various germs. However, when your skin is cracked, bacteria can easily enter the blood stream and lead to infections. 

As we understand our feet better, there always needs to be more extra care. It is definitely one of the body parts we tend to underestimate. However, the feet are important to be kept healthy on a routine basis to avoid any health concerns related to the feet.