Summer Foot Care 8 Tips

No. 03


Mia P.

Photo: Envato

Summer is the most important season to emphasize on foot care due to the hot weather and humidity. This weather is the best kind for bacteria to grow and thrive. In addition, summer is when people enjoy engaging in outdoor activities the most. Because of potential foot injuries through these outdoor activities and bacteria from public pools, it is the season to focus more on foot care. 

According to many studies, the incidence of foot diseases increases drastically in the summer. You can catch these diseases from wearing shoes without socks or from going into public swimming pools. That’s why we are here to advise you on the BEST ways to take care of your feet this summer: 

1. Wash and dry your feet thoroughly 

During the summertime, it’s important to keep a good foot hygiene. It is recommended to wash your feet before and after going outdoors. And, definitely make sure to use soap and dry your feet thoroughly when you wash them.  

Also, try using products that contain antiseptic which can kill bacteria. There are certain nail salons that carry pedicure products with antiseptic ingredients. 

All US Crystal, Inc. pedicure products contain antiseptic in our products and you can find them at local nail salons around the US. Also, our antiseptic is made with natural ingredients, check out our website for more information. 

Photo: Envato

2. Avoid sharing foot-related products with others

Sharing shoes, socks, towels you use to dry your feet, and any other foot care items can transfer diseases to another person (such as athlete's foot). 

In addition, we recommend using US Crystal, Inc. pedicure products at nail salons because our pedicure packages are individualized and cannot be shared with other salon customers. Some pedicure products are sold in non-individualized packaging which can result in more bacteria contamination.  

3. Drink water to hydrate your skin

It is easier to become dehydrated during the summer due to the heat. To keep your skin hydrated, drink a lot of water throughout the day! 

4. If your feet sweat a lot, change your socks throughout the day 

If your feet tend to sweat a lot, you can pack 1-2 pairs of socks to change into throughout the day! Alternatively, you can always opt to wear socks that are much more absorbent. 

5. Be careful of walking barefoot in public places 

Many times, in the summer, we like to walk around barefoot at public pools, spas, or beaches. However, your feet can get infections, swollen, or blisters from walking around without any shoes. 

6. Periodically disinfect your shoes and socks 

If you want to take extra care in disinfecting your shoes and socks to prevent bacteria growth, you can kill germs by using hot water 140°F (60°C) to wash them.  

Alternatively, you should always try to dry your shoes in a well-ventilated place after wearing them. It’s recommended to ventilate your shoes during breaks at work if you cannot wear ventilated shoes. This is how you can keep your feet dry. 

7. Use sunscreen on your feet 

Your feet are more sensitive to the sun than you might think. It is the protection if you apply sunscreen on the front and back of your feet. According to many publications, sunscreen is essential for mitigating the UV rays when you’re under the sun.  

8. Apply moisturizer frequently 

Your feet can become dry and start cracking any time of the year, and summer is not an exception! Don’t forget to apply moisturizer every day to your feet. Try using moisturizers that contain shea butter, jojoba oil or coconut oil as they can significantly help your feet stay moisturized. 

All US Crystal lotion contain shea butter to keep your hands and feet moisturized!