4 Things to Do to Remove Callus on Your Feet

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Mia P.

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Exfoliating your feet regularly can help remove callus which can prevent discomfort in your feet. When your skin is dry and not well-moisturized, it will cause dead skin cells (or callus) to form, and they need to be removed by exfoliating properly. In addition, physical activities are a contributing factor to the growth of dead skin cells and there are effective ways to take care of your feet after those activities. We understand the importance of foot health and want to provide tips for you to best care for your feet. 

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1. Exfoliate your feet when they are dry

There is a common misconception that the best way to exfoliate your feet is when they’re wet. However, this is the incorrect way to exfoliate your feet. The most proper way to exfoliate your feet without harming them is to exfoliate when your feet are dried. 

When your feet are soaked in water, both the dead and healthy skin soften. Once you start exfoliating, both the dead and healthy skin will be easily removed. As a result, it can irritate the stratum corneum which will cause thicker skin to form on your feet. 

If you receive pedicure treatments often at nail salons, it is highly recommended to find a nail salon that will exfoliate properly or request to have your feet exfoliated before soaking. 

2. Excessive exfoliation can damage your feet

When you excessively exfoliate your feet, the stratum corneum can be severely stimulated and the keratin can become thicker. It is recommended to not excessively exfoliate. It is also common for people to constantly pick on the dead skin cells on their feet with nail clippers, knives, or fingers. But, when your feet are in need of care, it is important to treat them properly or it could lead to infections. 

US Crystal carries a collection, CosmoSpa, that includes a callus softener step in some of the products that can easily help you exfoliate properly without damaging your feet.  

3. Make sure to apply moisturizer

The most important step is to continuously moisturize your feet to remove and prevent callus from forming. To ensure you are moisturizing effectively, always wash your feet with warm water and gentle soap to remove any dirt that prevents moisturizer from penetrating deeply. Then, dry your feet and apply the moisturizer. You might want to look into moisturizers with ingredients such as urea, glycerin, or petrolatum which can hydrate and soften the skin. Always repeat these moisturizing steps on a routine basis. 

US Crystal is committed to formulating high quality products to help you intensely moisturize your feet. All our collections have their unique features including deep hydration. 

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4. If you have a thin layer of hard skin, soften your feet instead

If the dead skin on your feet is thin and hard, it is better to soften your feet rather than exfoliate them. This is what you can do: After soaking your feet in warm water and drying them, apply your lotion or cream lightly to the entire feet, then apply generously to the keratinous areas of the soles and heels. To effectively soften your feet, wrap them with a plastic wrap for about 20 to 30 minutes. You’ll want to repeat these steps on a routine basis. 

Another way to soften your feet is to rub the outer layer of citrus fruits (such as oranges or lemons) on your feet. The reason being that the outer layer of these fruits contains AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), which is extremely effective when it comes to exfoliation and moisturization. Of course, you can also find products that contain AHA ingredients, but sometimes we like the most organic way to treat our bodies 😊. 

US Crystal carries a specific product, CosmoSpa Sunshine Quench, that contains orange extract which contains AHA while hydrating your skin for the best moisturized results.  

We understand having callus can be uncomfortable which is why foot-care should not be neglected. Callus can easily form on the heels of your feet due to insufficient moisturization so make sure to keep these tips in mind! 

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