5 Steps to Properly Exfoliate Your Feet 

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Mia P.

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It is always recommended to exfoliate our feet on a routine basis to remove any dead skin, but what is the most proper way to do this? We will share with you the steps on how to best exfoliate your feet: 

Step 1. Wash your feet thoroughly 

Use soap to wash your feet thoroughly and don’t forget to wash between your toes.  

You can try our CosmoSpa collection with Pearl and Tranquil Chamomile Wave as they include a cleanser as part of the pedicure-in-a-box to wash your feet with. 

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Step 2. Make sure your feet are dry 

Dry your feet with a towel. You can also use a fan or blow dryer to dry your entire feet thoroughly, including your toenails.  

Step 3. Start the exfoliating process 

Once your feet are dried, use a foot filer that isn't too harsh for your skin. Take the filer and push it along the skin texture in one direction. Be mindful of not file in both directions because this will cause more harm to your feet. 

If your feet are too dry or you don't feel comfortable exfoliating your skin using a filer directly on your feet, you can apply a small amount of moisturizing cream to the foot filer prior to starting the process.  

After the exfoliating process, spray your feet with disinfectant. In addition, you can try a callus softener to facilitate the process. We have a few products that contain callus softeners in the CosmoSpa collection, check out Green Tea & Honey, Sunshine Quench, and Mentha Fusion

Step 4. Rinse and dry your feet after you exfoliate 

After rinsing your feet with water, dry them the same way as you did in Step 2. The pertinent point is to ensure your feet are dry before moving on to the next step. 

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Step 5. Apply moisturizer to your feet! 

Apply moisturizing cream to your feet so they are well-moisturized. Exfoliation of the heels will dry them out, so it's essential to moisturize your feet after the process. 

You can try the heel balm step in our CosmoSpa collection, Tranquil Chamomile Wave. The heel balm moisturizes your heels even more than the average moisturizer. 

Next time when you are exfoliating your feet, try this process step by step. These steps will help you exfoliate your feet in the proper way without damaging your skin. And it can help keep your feet smooth and clean if you can follow these steps on a routine basis to care for your feet.