Brilliantly Transform Your Skin

JewelSpa is a 5-step spa pedicure enriched with Rosehip Oil which contains 

essential vitamins for the skin and Cannabis Sativa Oil which activates 

intense moisturization and muscle relaxation.

Available in 4 variations; 

Diamond Strength, Ruby Rich, Sapphire Shower, Emerald Soothe 


Heaven Scent

The body releases the happy hormone endorphins when a pleasing aroma is detected. The amazing floral fragrances of the AromaSpa collection promote a joyful and relaxing sensation. Find joy in our amazing aromatic spa pedicure experience.

  • Steps :   4-Step
  • Fragrances :   Lavender, Cherry Blossom, Jasmine, Freesia
  • Key Benefits :   Anti-inflammatory, Anti-aging, Rejuvenate, Tone & Tighten
  • Feature :   Aromatic floral fragrance


Essence of Mother Nature

Scent, touch, sight.
CosmoSpa collection is designed to stimulate these senses in the body. 

The captivating fragrances, along with the carefully formulated steps, results in an unforgettable spa pedicure experience.

  • Steps :   6-Step   
  • Fragrances :   Pearl, Green Tea & Honey, Sunshine Quench, Mentha Fusion, Tranquil Chamomile Wave
  • Key Benefits :   Brightening, Deeply Moisturize, Boosts Collagen, Muscle Relief,  Soothing
  • Feature :   Nature's finest ingredients


Dual Ingredient Therapy

DuoSpa is a unique 4-step spa pedicure that utilizes not one but two main ingredients.
Carefully chosen to complement one another and enhance the natural skin benefitting properties, DuoSpa is impeccably formulated.

Sourcing raw ingredients with antiseptic benefits to purify and sanitize the skin.
Target multiple skin concerns simultaneously and indulge in DuoSpa’s dual ingredient therapy.



Relax and Revive  

Jelly Pedi™ is the original pedicure in a box. 

It boasts a unique and amazing gelatinous texture that retains heat, 

soothes aching muscles, and alleviates joint pain.

The jelly also acts as a gentle exfoliant while the natural aromatic oils soften the skin and relax the mind and body.

  • Steps :   5-Step  |  2-Step
  • Fragrances :   Aloe Vera, Lavender, Peppermint, Cherry Sage
  • Key Benefits :   Moisturizing, Anti-inflammatory, Revitalize, Anti-aging
  • Feature :   Unique gelatinous texture


Professional Skincare Series

SerumSpa is the first product to incorporate premium skin serum into a pedicure system. Additionally, all formulations are results based on the targeted goals of each variation.

Taking advantage of serum’s deep-penetrating characteristics to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients, SerumSpa will provide the most effective and gratifying experience.