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JELLY PEDI Starter Kit

Elevate your salon services with the Jelly Pedi Starter Kit from USCrystal. As creators of the original Jelly Pedi, we offer you to bring the luxurious and trending jelly pedicure experience to your salon, offering a unique and indulgent treatment for your clients. Create a mesmerizing jelly-like bath for your clients' feet using the specially formulated jelly powder included in the kit.

The jelly provides a soothing and supportive sensation, allowing your clients to relax and unwind during their pedicure. Enhance the experience further with the included exfoliating scrub and hydrating lotion, leaving your clients' feet feeling pampered and rejuvenated. Transform your salon into a haven of relaxation with the convenient Jelly Pedi Starter Kit.

*One kit per salon; free shipping.

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