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Complete Starter Kit
Introducing the Complete Starter Kit from USCrystal – the ultimate package to elevate your salon services to new heights. This all-inclusive professional-grade kit features a carefully curated selection of high-quality products designed to create a transformative and luxurious spa experience for your clients. 

From soothing foot soaks to exfoliating scrubs, hydrating masks, and aromatic massage lotions, each step is meticulously crafted to indulge and rejuvenate. With the Complete Starter Kit, you can try our entire variety of products. Transform your salon into a haven of relaxation and offer your clients the ultimate pampering experience with the comprehensive and convenient Complete Starter Kit from USCrystal.

*One kit per salon; free shipping.

Kit Includes

16 of JEWELSPA (4-Step)

4 of JEWELSPA Diamond Strength (5-Step)
4 of JEWELSPA Ruby Rich  (5-Step)
4 of JEWELSPA Emerald Soothe (5-Step)
4 of JEWELSPA Sapphire Shower (5-Step)

12 of AROMASPA (4-Step)

3 of AROMASPA Lavender (4-Step)
3 of AROMASPA Cherry Blossom 
3 of AROMASPA Jasmine (4-Step)
3 of AROMASPA Freesia (4-Step)

12 of JELLY PEDI (5-Step)
3 of JELLY PEDI Aloe Vera (5-Step)
3 of JELLY PEDI Lavender
3 of JELLY PEDI Peppermint (5-Step)
3 of JELLY PEDI Cherry Sage(5-Step)

12 of SERUMSPA (6-Step)

4 of SERUMSPA Moisture Soothe(6-Step)
4 of SERUMSPA Detox Pure 
4 of SERUMSPA Slim & Firm (6-Step)

15 of COSMOSPA (6-Step)

3 of COSMOSPA Green Tea & Honey (6-Step)
3 of COSMOSPA Pearl (6-Step)
3 of COSMOSPA Sunshine Quench (6-Step)
3 of COSMOSPA Mentha Fusion (6-Step)
3 of COSMOSPA Tranquil Chamomile Wave (6-Step)

12 of DUOSPA (4-Step)
4 of DUOSPA Honeydew & Cucumber (4-Step)
4 of DUOSPA Prickly Pear & Orange 
4 of DUOSPA Milk & Honey (4-Step)

Complimentary poster, flyer, and instruction.



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