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SKINSCAN - Digital Skin Analyzer

Digital Skin Analyzer measures the moisture and oil content of the skin. This device allows for an accurate selection of products that best fit your skin's needs based on visible measurements. The suggested products based on the measurements will help balance the moisture and oil levels for healthier skin.


Skinscan FAQ

How do I know the device needs to be charged?

The LCD screen will begin to flicker, or the screen will be off.

While charging the device, the LCD backlight will be on, upon charging completion, the backlight will turn off.

How long will the device last after a full charge?

Approximately 15 hours of usage.

Will the device automatically turn off?

The device can be shut off manually by pulling on both ends. The device will also automatically shut off after 15 seconds of idling.

How long does the device need to contact skin to complete the measurement?

Approximately 5 - 10 seconds.

Why does the screen read “00.0%” without any audible beeps?

The sensor may be dirty, please clean the sensor tip after each use with a soft cloth or tissue dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Why does the screen read “_ _ _” after scanning?

The sensor might not have enough contact with your skin for a reading. Please press the sensor tip firmly against your skin and measure again.

What reading should I expect for healthy skin?

The best moisture content level should be between 30 - 50%. While the best oil content level should be 15% or higher.

How do I know the skin scan is ready for another measurement after pressing the reset button?

You will hear 2 audible beeps after pressing the reset button and your device will be ready.


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